Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day of Remembering

As I enjoy watching the Day of the Dead celebrations, this weekend, I wonder if people really see these days as an opportunity to get together, share a meal, and remember loved ones who have passed. Don't get me wrong it's a happy and fun celebration but let us not forget the reason we celebrate. It's a great time to tell the young ones in the family the stories of loved ones, who have passed, so they will know who they were. Family stories should be passed down from one generation to the next because to much of our heritage and accomplishments get lost along the way. Lets not wait till the young ones get older and are not interested.

I had an opportunity to see a Day of the Dead exhibit in Longmont, Colorado, a few weeks ago, of which the following pictures come from. I've also seen some pictures, on line, of the huge celebration in Los Angeles and looking forward to seeing pictures of the celebration in Florida which also is pretty big.

This alter was created by teens and kids who have experienced a death.
Each person made something that is symbolic to them and the relationship
to their loved one.

Families set up alters like this in their homes and/or
in public to honor their deceased loved ones and represent
the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

My favorite was this artist interpretation in the tradition
of Michoacan, Mexico. They believe the souls of loved ones
are carried in the breath of the Monarch butterflies given the
wonderful migration of these beautiful butterflies. Artist,
Stephanie, reached out to friends and family across the country and the
world to send her photographs of loved ones with a short
memory of them to share. These images and stories cloak her alter interpretation.

Alfombras, also called Tapetes de Aserrin, are outdoor carpets made using
colored sawdust. They also may include flowers, flower petals, beans, rice,
colored sand, pine needles, and fruit.

Picture of a family of candy makers

Picture of a family at the cemetery.

Picture of a candle maker.

The arch in the background was decorated with paper
flowers. On the side table were paper and pencils and a note
encouraging visitors to write the name of a loved one who had
passed and short story then it was hung on the archway.

Papel Picado makes me smile!

I hope you enjoyed these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Till next time!