Monday, October 21, 2013

"31 Wishes," October 19th 2013

This years' "31 Wishes" event, put on by Ann Denice Anderson, is in the memory books of all who attended. Everyone had a blast and were sad that it had to come to an end. Ann Denice and her family made this event possible for all who attended. Her home was beautifully decorated for this Halloween event!
We made an art doll, a Halloween inspired ornament, and a book collage. It was lots of fun sharing and showing our creative nature with like minded people of all ages and likes. For those who participated, we exchanged paper rosettes and shadow boxes in the Halloween theme. They were awesome and beautiful! The food and goodies were great, but the friendships made were the best. After the event, guests had a chance to shop in the vendors room where things were displayed for sale. Lots and lots of fun and laughter were had by all.
Thank you Ann Denice, your family, and the instructors for a fun filled day.


AnnDenise Anderson said...

What beautiful Pictures you took Adriana!! Thank you for coming and I hope you will cherish this event always as I do you!!
xoxo,Ann-Denise said...

Thank you, AnnDenise. It was a pleasure and a fun filled day. Thank you for all you did and the attention to detail. What a Blast!