Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Halloween Queen

This week we meet the Mistress of Halloween, the Queen herself.
She always dresses in her Black and Orange extravagant outfits because she is Halloween all year.  She sits in her black chair and is entertained by all who live there. After she's entertained, she gives a candy apple of her choosing to whoever amuses her the most.
Her castle is always decorated with streamers, orange lights, and candles seem to float above our heads all the time. I know because I've been there for her special parties where outsiders get invited to partake of her Halloween festivities. She calls it her Hallowbaloo Gathering. The Sweet Potion Society ladies are always in attendance, they have such a distinctive laugh!
We will meet them later.

I have asked the Queen for special invitations to this years Hallowbaloo Festivities. She is overwhelmed with joy so You're invited!    She will be delighted to meet you all!
Plan on attending, you won't regret you did!    See you there!
You may click on pictures to enlarge.

Piece measures 20" from the top of her crown to bottom of chair,
she alone measures 24" from the top of her crown to her feet.
Her confidant black kitty is hand sewn and sits inside her
pumpkin pail.

Friday, August 12, 2016


Meet "Alibaboo" he is ready for his trip to Hallowbaloo 2016!
He sits on his whirly gig stand wearing his favorite pendant, the Eye of Dragon.
He has magic tricks up his sleeve for his day job as the Halloween Castles' Royal Jester and some different magic for his night job as the Spooky Night Jester. Come meet him and see what tricks he has up his sleeve for you!

Piece is 27" sitting on his wood and metal stand.
Click on photos to enlarge.

The Halloween Queen we will meet later.

Sneak peek!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Halloween is coming to La Llorona Studio!

This years Hallowbaloo will be in Bothel, WA and it's just around the corner on September 17, 2016.
If you have a a chance do pick up an issue of Art Doll Quarterly Magazine you will find an awesome add for Hallowbaloo on the back in-page, with all the details and a glimpse of some of the artists that will have their art for sale and I mean some for there are more artists who will be showing. Make plans to attend and come join us for a fun filled time with like minded collectors. We will be at the Hollyhills Owners Assoc. Clubhouse, 19200 Hollyhills Drive NE in Botherl, WA from 9-3 pm.
For more info.go to

Stay tuned for sneak pics of what I've been working on and their stories. Come join me!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Carrara Markets

There was one wonderful stop we made for shopping and that was the incredible Carrara Markets. We were told that it would be an all day affair but of course we had no idea of the fun time we were about to have. This Market is best described as a huge flee market with different stalls with awesome wares and prices, from clothing, shoes, linens, imports, sewing notions, herbs and spices, to everything imaginable. We had the wonderful opportunity of going twice and mingle with the people and eating beautiful food.
We met Ellen in her lovely stall filled with beautiful lace, ribbons, threads, and all things sewing. Of course I spent time there picking out lovely laces and such. Luckily we took a cart with wheels to carry our treasures. There I met Cristine, lovely lady that stopped us to ask where we were from. We had wonderful conversatation and got to know her very well. We parted and hoped to meet up with her again some time.

We also met Ediana which was so excited that I was from Texas and asked about Dr. Phil! I had a good laugh about that one. She was an awesome lady and seemed like we had known each other for a long time. She was fun, easy to talk to, and shared ideas and questions about Texas. Everyone we met stated how they longed to visit the US sometime in their lifetime. I would tell them to "never say never" because I would have 
never thought I'ld be visiting their great country in my lifetime and had the blessing of being there.
The beautiful Gold Coast was an awesome and beautiful place to visit but the people whom I encountered were wonderful and beautiful. They all left an imprint on my heart forever. 



Geri taking a Pepsi break in the heat.

Harvey, the most beautiful soul I met on my trip, had volunteered
to pick us up and take us home.
Hmmm a beautiful adventure goes in the history books. Thank you
to the wonderful people that made my trip a beautiful success.
Till next time!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Breakfast in the Bush

The next people I want you to meet are Bob and Janet. Wonderful giving people who one day invited us to have breakfast in the bush which sounded adventurous and exciting. They took us up the mountains to a beautiful conservation park where we set up table and Bob cooked our breakfast of lamb chops, bacon, sausages, and eggs on the grill. We girls went down to put our feet in the river, that runs down where we had set up, with Bailey joining us. We had such a wonder meal, great conversation, and awesome lizard company.
Bob and Janet were great hosts. We talked, we shared pictures, we laughed, and enjoyed each other.
A day I hold dear in my heart and will never forget.

Bailey their dog.

This beautiful plant is called Bucks Rack.

The weather, the sounds of the flowing river, and the wonderful
conversation is what I brought back with me.
Thank you Bob and Janet!

Stay tuned for more of my adventure in Australia!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

My New Doll Maker Friend

I met a wonderful lady named Janice and when she saw my dolls she stated she would love to introduce me to her friend Lyn, a doll maker. I had met teddy bear makers and collectors but I had hoped to meet doll makers too. One day Janice called Lyn and set a time to visit her so I could see her house of dolls and color. I was so happy to meet her and she was happy to meet me, a doll maker as well. I had some dolls with me and we shared the wonderful experience of the love of fabric, beads, color, and the human form.
She literally surrounds herself with her creations and has a wonderful supportive husband. She is such a wonderful happy lady which was so gracious in sharing her creations with us. We enjoyed our time as she described some of her dolls and the stories behind them. It was an afternoon bliss for me!
Meet Lyn and her dolls.

Janice and Lynn

Pages from her art journal!

Thank you Janice for sharing your wonderful friend.
Thank you Lyn for opening your home and sharing your art and
dolls with me.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Gold Coast, Australia

These are random pictures to get an idea of the beautiful scenery I experienced.
I wanted to bring the sounds and colors of this beautiful ocean home with me.
The special animals I saw were indeed different and beautiful.

Surfers Paradise in the background, where we were staying.

Sleepy Koalas.

The beautiful Magpie. This huge bird makes the most awesome
sounds from sunrise till sundown.
Next post I want you to meet Lyn, the doll maker.
Stay tuned!