Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hi All!
I have been away from my blog for soooo long and I was missing it. It seems that more people are interested in face book and other media that have forgotten about blogs. I myself have missed blogging, and sharing adventures with pictures for sometime, but just couldn't get myself to starting. Well I am back!
As it so happens today is Frida Day, her birthday. I think it's the 106th so we might as well stop counting, right? I had been thinking and looking through my photos and noticed I have made quite a few Frida interpretations in my time.  All of them have gone to new homes except my last one from 2016 and the future one I am working on.
Frida has been an inspiration not only to me but to most artists all over the world. I have come across people form different places outside of the US and when they see one on my table at shows they automatically know who she is. It's amazing!
Till next time!

Had fun sketching and painting.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Keller's Got Talent Show

Last night at the Artist's Reception at the Keller Town Center I had the surprise of my life, my two entries placed 1st and 2nd place in the Fiber Category! I was humbled by the outpouring of congratulations and questions about my work. It was awesome to see how my art pieces touched everyone in different ways. Children were inspired by my pieces! Thank you to everyone who attended to enjoy the art, on exhibit till the 23rd of this month. Free and opened Mon. thru Fri. only 8am to 5pm. Stop by and see Keller's Artist's.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Return from Hallowbaloo 2016

Hello friends I am finally home from my trip to Hallowbaloo and mini vacation around the Washington and Idaho area. I know you have been waiting for the pictures I promised you, here they are.
It was a fabulous show with fabulous artists made collectables. The show/party was a blast!
Let's get started!

Dennis Haynes  Facebook  Runamuck Studios

Geri Williams

Kerry Howard-Schmidt

Monie Segal  Facebook

 Kat Anderson

Annie Libertini


Pam Gracia

Isaias Urrabazo

Pam Pontious

Tamara Kohl

Mary Lou Wayne  Facebook;

Adriana Esqueda  (me)

As always, if there's something you wish to purchase contact the artist directly.
If you have trouble please feel free to contact me for help.

An amazing show with amazing and fun artists is in the books!
Till next time.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hallobaloo 2016

I will be leaving this week for the long awaited Hallowbaloo event!
You are all warmly invited to be our honored guests at this years fabulous event, Saturday September 17th in Bothell, WA.

Stop by and say hello! We look forward to meeting you!

I will be back, after a two week vacation with friends in the area, and will post some awesome pictures of this years event so stay tuned.  Till next time!


Meet "Truth" she will be at the Hallowbaloo event. She will fly in from very far and wouldn't miss this years Hallowbaloo event for nothing. She had been disappointed due to the distance but she got her courage back and decided she would be in attendance to accompany "Knowledge" and "Wisdom." They will gather to catch up on happenings from long ago.

The all night crowd known as Catrina's will also be in attendance. They are a fun group of all night party chicas that like to dance the whole night long. I know the music will be thumping and these chicas are not about to sit down!

Come join me along with our fun group at this years Hallowbaloo in Bothell, WA. You will not be disappointed!  Come and be our honored guests.

For more information go to

"Truth" measures 13" from head to toe.
A One of Kind piece.

These are some of the all night party Catrinas,
Carmen, Sofia, and Sugar will come. Will you?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flying in.

Last time I posted I mentioned I would introduce you to another set of ladies who are flying in just to attend Hallowbaloo at Hollyhills in Bothell, WA.   When you ask? Well it's coming up pretty fast, September 17th!  Mark that calendar because if you have been following this blog I've kept you up to date on the latest happenings about this spectacular event!
Anyway getting back to these ladies, they are flying in from afar and it's their first time to show up at this event! Ooooh I get goose bumps just thinking about them. I'm sure they will have lots to talk about since they come from different places. I'm sure the Sweet Potion Society ladies will keep a close watch on their kitties! They're wearing their best gowns for this event. After all they will be meeting the Halloween Queen and all who will be attending for the first time.
I really hope you will come and see these ladies up close. I've heard spectacular, beautiful, interesting and so forth when people meet them.

Come have a fantastic time with me and all the other artist who will be showing and selling this year at Hallowbaloo!  Don't miss it! Pictures don't do the art justice.

See you there!

Meet "Knowledge" and "Wisdom."
Each piece is OOAK and measure 15".
 Come see them up close!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"The Sweet Potion Society"

As we left last time I mentioned the distinct laughter of The Sweet Potion Society ladies and have been informed that they have RSVP'd and will be in attendance. You must come and meet them!

They are a wonderfully funny group of ladies who entertain  us just by their laughter. They cackle and snort with their contagious laughter. Don't know how many will be in attendance but they are a fun group. I heard from the bats, who always eavesdrop on conversations, that the Queen of Halloween informed them that you were all invited and they promised they would be at their best behavior. They stated they would not bring their toads, eyes of neut or even eye of dragon, and no wands either, but they will bring their black kitties for added fun.

Come join me at Hallowbaloo and meet the Sweet Potion Society ladies. Let's have fun and enjoy all that Hallowbaloo has in store for us.  I'm sure we will have a blast!

Come find me!

Laughing witches measure 23" from the top of
their hats to they're feet.
"Saphira," the oldest member of the group, measures
20" tall.
The kitties measure 7" and are hand stitched.

Next time I hope to introduce you to another special
group of ladies who are flying in for Hallowbaloo 2016!
Stay Tuned!