Monday, July 7, 2014


Everyday I go out there and walk around my mini rose garden, inspired by my dearest friend Neva.
As we went through our journey together I would admire in awe the beauty of small little worlds around us that we sometimes take for granted. We had beautiful flower discussions, my friend and I. Along with the beauty of her miniature roses and her lovely Irises Neva's lovely spirit came through in her beautiful smile and that twinkle in her eye. This I picture and  hold tight in my heart.
The love that poured through her was the love that was in her. Her love for Jesus and her relationship with Him were always present. She expressed how she wished everyone she knew, knew His never ending love and His comfort.
All who had the privilege to know her were drawn to her like moths are drawn to light. We often discussed this and in her beautiful heart she often questioned why.  Of course our hearts hold the answer to her question.
She thought she was a normal friend and had done nothing special to deserve all the attention from friends in the many beautiful cards she received everyday since her diagnosis. Sweet dear Neva, we new how special and beautiful you were in our lives.  Your imprint on my heart will remain forever.
Now, as I stroll and tend to my mini rose bushes I smile and think of my dearest Neva and how my life has been beautifully changed.
I love you.


Bettina Groh said...

Neva was certainly super special!! I wish I had known in time to let her know how I felt about her. We don't find many friends like her.... said...

She was special indeed.
Thank you for posting, Bettina.

Scot Wood said...

You do such and honor to my Mom. You captured who she truly was. I know she counted you as one of her closest and beautiful friends. I thank you for what you did for and meant to her. Love you Lady!! said...

Thank you, Scott.
You mean a lot to me too.
Love you