Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Helpers

I have been working for the Halloween & Vine show coming up next month with my helpers right along with me.
I thought I would share pictures of who has been my constant and inspirational companions these past few days.

My trusty Halloween pin cushion and Jock have been
directing my work.

 These little guys, I found, brought their own sewing machine
asking what they can do to help get things done.
Not sure where they came from.

My hoot friends are my time keepers and hoot when
it gets past midnight letting me know it's time to stop.

Igor, scary but really friendly, makes sure I stop
working at midnight pestering and scaring me
when he pops out of the kitty pail.

Toshie keeps everyone in check and makes sure
I take plenty of breaks to play with him.
Hmmm, all wonderful companions in my studio.