Tuesday, September 23, 2014

and the story continues....

The day has arrived!
Today is the day when Consuelo will finally meet Mateo!

She is as beautiful as ever and calm as a dove as she looks at herself in the mirror.
Suddenly there's a ring at the door and as she reaches and opens, their eyes meet for the very first time. She begins to feel a little light headed, but regains her composure telling herself her shoes are on to tight.

His hand touches hers, suddenly she feels something she hasn't felt in so long, goosebumps!
She smiles, he smiles and asks if she is ready, Yes!(she yells).  Oops, she excuses her excitement and closes the door behind her.

He helps her up on to the beautiful black carriage driven by a single magical white horse, as white as bones can be. She makes herself comfortable amongst the marigolds on the seat and asks Mateo where they are going?  He smiles and lets her know they will be attending this years magical Halloween & Vine, where
they will meet beautiful people, have their picture taken, and dance the night away.
                                                                                     The End

Come find them!
Let me know you read their story and receive 10 percent off!
See you at Halloween & Vine, Petaluma, CA this Saturday
September 27, 2014. For more info click on the Halloween & Vine icon.

I will be away from my computer for two weeks
after Halloween & Vine. I shall return with pictures
from this years show!
Stay tuned!


rebecca said...

dearest adriana,
i have taken a year off from social media to practice silence, to take time to look deeply within. suddenly it is october and i feel myself resurfacing. what better way to return to the world of blogging then to share the art of remembering. i hope you will join me in this deeply meaning time of acknowledging our loved ones. xo

www.lalloronastudio.blogspot.com said...

Hi Rebecca,
It's so nice to hear from you! Yes I will join you this year in the art of remembering.
Hugs go your way.