Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Consuelo's Thoughts continued....

The day will soon arrive when Consuelo and Mateo meet for the first time. How will their first encounter play out, Consuelo wonders. She has dreamed of this moment since Mateo asked her for a date. She has wondered what he will look like and what he will be wearing. What will the first words out of his mouth be? Will she know immediately he is the one she's been waiting for? Will she feel anything as he speaks to her?

She will be wearing her most colorful of dresses, like Frida told her, color makes her beauty shine! And like Frida, color makes her happy and carefree. She has even chosen her favorite lip color in hopes of winning him over at the very first site of her face.
Her shoes have been laid out as she daydreams of her encounter with the one she hopes will complete her heart.

Thoughts of anxiety begin to fill her mind and her heart pounds like it wants to escape! What will she talk about? Will she stumble over words or will she be silent and let him do the talking; loosing herself in his voice. She wonders where they will go? Will it be a magical place? Will there be others like them?
Oh where oh where will she be going!
She throws herself on her bed and lays there falling peacefully asleep as she tries to control her thoughts of excitement.
This girl wore herself out!

  Stay tuned....
Next week is their long awaited encounter!
See you here next Tuesday!