Saturday, May 9, 2015

Art Doll & Teddy Bear Convention trip

Hi all!
Just returned from my trip to the Philly Convention and a short trip to Nashville. As you all know I usually make this trip a mini vacation and buying extravaganza. I brought back some wonderful fabrics to inspire my work for the next show and a few new colors in glass beads.
The convention was wonderful, as always. Lots of new work and new people to meet. The outside customer attendance, in my opinion, was down, but the conventioneers all showed up with friends in tow! Some new artists had tables. They all brought their enthusiasm along with friends in tow, as well.  It was a good show all in all. We all had lots of fun and ooohed at the exquisite art we so enjoy at this Premier Show and Convention.
The Artist Doll & Teddy Bear Convention Shopping Guide, which was given out in our packets, was done very nice! It was awesome not only to see peoples art, but to read a little about themselves.
Thank you to Terri and Susan Quinlan for making us all feel welcomed and to the Blue Crew for their hard work.
These are a fraction of the 128 tables at this years convention.

My Table

Mary Esther Ward

Lynn Burnett

Dian Pete

Lillian Alberti

Marina Yax  search "Marina Yax" on etsy

Tanya Abaimova

Tyler Crain-Davis

Colleen Bigler

Linda Kays-Biviano

Alice Swann Alice Swann Dolls

Nina Tugarina

Martha Burch

Amy Thorton

Stay tunned for more pictures!