Monday, July 6, 2015

Frida On My Mind

Today is Frida Kahlo's birthday she would have turned 104!
I often wonder why this person has become an icon for artist of all medium. Why she is known virtually all over the world.
I am one who is not attracted to her art but find myself fascinated by who she was and stood for.  Being in an age of change with lots happening in the world, at that time, she chose to go against the norm.
I am talking about her fashion, from clothing to jewelry.  She chose to wear her culture and indigenous articles of clothing and jewelry pieces.  It probably never crossed her mind that she would influence fashion embracing her culture. She didn't allow herself to be influenced by the many people of influence and different cultures she often entertained.  She chose to be herself while making a huge statement in the fashion world as she traveled around the country.  Her style was different, indigenous, and beautiful. She seemed to not be moved by the changing fashion of her time.
As I grow in my own art I embrace my culture in the use of color in the fabrics I so love. I get this feeling of comfort and happiness when I surround myself with bright vivid color. I may be influenced by style today but deep inside I still love the colors, pottery, food, and style of my culture.

New Frida tote I just finished.

Frida necklace I made and beaded.

One of my Art Fridas

2015 Issue