Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm Back!

Just returned from Hallowbaloo 2015 and ten beautiful days in Rainier Washington visiting my friend Geri Williams. We had a wonderful time visiting and sight seeing.
Now for the Hallowbaloo report you've all been waiting for.
It was a wonderful Halloween show! The art exhibited was of the utmost!
Beautiful hand made pieces by outstanding artists who love and enjoy this months holiday. I took pictures early in the show so as to be able to talk and admire the art.
Thank you to Dennis Haynes and his staff for putting on a fun show and taking care of the artists' along the way. We were welcomed with opened arms and was fed scrumptious food and sweets!

Adriana Esqueda  My Favorite Treasures
Had a fun time putting up my display and making sure
the ladies looked their best. Fiesta Time!

Dennis Haynes  Runamuck Studio

Robert Eberz  Grimm Ginz Studio

Kimberly Kingsley  Griffinwyse

Kat Anderson  Kat Anderson Studio

Carly Smith  Boggy Bottom Bayou

Margarita Castillo  Dolls by Marca

Annie Libertini  Libertini Arts

Becky Federico  Federico Fantasy Art

Anthony Hicks  Tinplate Studios

Sheryl Parsons  Mothers Dream Artworks

Irene Lawson  Irene A. Lawson Ceramics

David Bruce  Acorn Cottage Collectables

Johanna Parker  Johanna Parker Designs

Chris Walker  Zombienose

Pam Pontious  Pamda Bears

Erica Keshvadian  Spirit Bird Studio

The End!

If interested in any pieces please contact
artists' directly.


Scratching at the Window said...

Thank you for sharing all these photos! Wow! What a show...