Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Return from Albuquerque

Just returned from Albuquerque with smiles on my face and heart. It's always a joy to see old friends and make new ones at these shows where we are all sharing our collections and experiences. It was fabulous to see John Paul Port again, Martha Burch, Meredith Edwards, Shirley Praytor, and George Weber. Pamela Armas was there with her beautiful display of dolls and fabrics. My twin sister joined me at the show and we made time for shopping and visiting Santa Fe. Had a blast.

Shirley and Meredith


John Paul Port and his fabulous bears.


Two beautiful Automatons by Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain.

In Old Town Albuquerque

Waldit (owner) and I at my favorite American Indian jewelry store.
Indian Treasures
4018 San Felipe St.
Old Town Albuquerque, 87104
 505- 247-0233
For the best jewelry and prices.