Sunday, July 13, 2014

Halloween Days

Well you might think, Is she crazy with Halloween Days!
It might be HOT outside but in my house it's Halloween time. I've been busy immersing myself in Halloween themed books, magazines, and  internet sites to be able to get into the spirit of the holiday. As you all know I will be at Halloween & Vine this year, Yay! (Click on Halloween & Vine badge to see participating artists.)
So I need lots of inspiration to take me away from thinking it's summer to create for this awesome show. With tons of ideas in my head and on paper I have begun to sew again after some weeks away from my studio and it feels great!
Will post a few of my creations as they are finished, to give you a clue as to what to expect at Halloween & Vine.

"Halloween Jack" 20"


Anonymous said...

He's adorable. Now he needs a partner. said...

Thank you. Working on her!
hee hee