Tuesday, September 2, 2014

La Catrina "Consuelo"

Meet Consuelo, a bright and beautiful girl who has been looking for her perfect mate for quite a while. She is a well spoken girl and feels her perfect someone is out there looking for her as well. She tells, she was friends with  Frida Kahlo and speaks of her relationship with her with great enthusiasm. They both share a passion for colorful dresses, music, and art. She sees herself as a well rounded individual with lots of things to say and tell, but feels she has to fill a certain place in her heart. In her words, this makes her life incomplete.
As the story continues; Consuelo, has a date!
She hasn't been herself since Mateo asked her on a date, asking her closest friends what to wear and what to say. This girl who can talk your ear off is nervous!

Stay tuned, her story continues.....

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