Tuesday, September 9, 2014

the story continues.....

As we left off last week "Consuelo" is becoming very nervous about her date. Her close and oldest friends tell her just to be her beautiful self and not fret.  They advice not to talk to much and let him talk about himself. They hope he will be a gentleman and not expect a first kiss, but Consuelo disagrees with this advice! She makes it clear that she wants a first kiss, after all, she's been waiting for sooo long, and besides how is she going to know if this is who she's been waiting for to fill her heart. They all laugh loudly and agree with her.
Will he be handsome? Will he fall madly for her? Will he sweep her off her feet when their eyes meet for the very first time? Will his voice be a sweat melody to her ear? Where will they go and where will they be seen together?      Oh so many questions!
Will she be able to control herself and listen or will she bore him with her tales of adventure?

Stay tuned for more of Consuelo's story.
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