Sunday, March 22, 2015

World Puppetry Day

This weekend people around the world are celebrating the art of puppetry.
I've loved puppets for a very long time and have collected for a while.
When I come across one I can't seem to leave it behind. Luckily there hasn't been very many.
Others are stored away. Hmm someday they will come out and play.
Hope you enjoy these and find them endearing enough to start a new collection.

This Pinochio measures a whopping 36"
and has brought me great joy over the years.
Found him in Taos, New Mexico.

This 12" girl had been calling my name at an antique mall
every time I viisted, but I hesitated and waited for her price to
go down. Finally one day her price did go down and
she came home with me. She is part wood and part
metal. Love her!

This Pinnochio measures 24" and has been
hanging around since he came home from
Santa Fe', New Mexico.

This one is not a string puppet but he is wood and string jointed.
He sits in my studio and reminds me to dream and fish for
new ideas in my work. Found him in Oklahoma.

This beautiful doll was gifted to me by my dear
friend and Puppetier, Mayra Rene', Dollmaker.

What do you all collect?
Please leave me a comment.