Thursday, February 18, 2016

At "Madam Tojo"

The Australian show we took our art for sale was an Antique and Collectable Show at a beautiful casino hotel. There was a variety of people attending with a variety of tastes. Everyone I spoke with asked information on where I was from and about my Art Dolls. We met lots of lovely people.
Catrin came into our space and we just hit it off from the first time we spoke. We connected and had a wonderful chat about lots of things. She let me know about her love of Steam Punk clothing of which she creates and sews using op (thrift) shop finds. She had a few pictures to show me and they were awesome! After we talked and shared ideas she offered to take us op shopping one day. We were amazed that this lady would be kind enough to take a pair of Americans, she just met, shopping and sharing her secret treasure shops.
After a few days of rest after the show and some site seeing we decided to call on Cat for our shopping trip. She picked us up and took us on an adventure!  We visited ten op shops!
She shared with us one of her favorite restaurants, "Madam Tojo".  We had wonderful Spanish food and enjoyed her company very much. The restaurant was a funky place where all sorts of things decorate the establishment. It was awesome just looking all around while inviting us to relax and linger.
We had a lovely break then went back to shopping!
Catrin left an imprint on my heart that I love and will always remember.

Beautiful salad, a wonderful bacon sandwich, and delicious
spanish meat balls under the huge tomato slice.

Stay tuned for more of my trip to Australia and more
wonderful people.