Monday, February 15, 2016

My Visit to Australia

My friends, Patti and Kryst, were our hosts during our trip to Australia. They had asked Geri (traveling friend) if we would be interested in doing a show with them so that we can share our art. Of course we were thrilled and made plans. We arrived in winter clothes and had to change before exiting the airport as it is summer there with tropical weather. We arrived to a beautiful home and felt like I was in a resort!
In the morning it hit me I was in another country. I was in awe of my beautiful surroundings and couldn't wait to see more. We walked around admiring our surroundings. Around the corner we found a shopping strip with a small grocery store, restaurants, pharmacy, a paper store where newspapers stationary and magazines were sold, and a fish market. The Sorrento Fish Market became our favorite place to eat! They had fresh fish and seafood and they cooked it to order! If you notice on the right lower corner of the picture you can see our fried fish and chips, Delicious!
The Ibis is a large bird that scavenges like our pigeons and other birds here in the states. It's an incredible bird that is accustomed to humans and is not afraid to land on the table to take the food out of your hand.
We had a huge space at the show and sold lots in four days. Met wonderful people who were interested in where we were from and asked lots of questions about our great country.

The front of Patti's  house.

The back or courtyard.

From inside the front door, sweet Coco on guard.

The Sorrento Fish Market

In the center courtyard of the shopping strip and it's restaurants.

The Ibis looking for tidbits.

Patti, Geri, and Kryst at the show.

My Art Dolls and totes. Patti and Kryst made a
nice big sign letting everyone know we were from
the USA.

Steiff monkeys and bears we took for sale.

Some of Patti's and Kryst's lovely things for sale.

Patti made this beautiful bear with a vintage Merrythought
goat for auction at the show benefiting a charity.

Meet Heidi, a special collector who purchased three of
my Day of Dead Figures. She returned the next day and
gifted me this Frida book. Awesome lady!
I met awesome people at this show of which you will meet
Stayed tuned!