Sunday, February 28, 2016

My New Doll Maker Friend

I met a wonderful lady named Janice and when she saw my dolls she stated she would love to introduce me to her friend Lyn, a doll maker. I had met teddy bear makers and collectors but I had hoped to meet doll makers too. One day Janice called Lyn and set a time to visit her so I could see her house of dolls and color. I was so happy to meet her and she was happy to meet me, a doll maker as well. I had some dolls with me and we shared the wonderful experience of the love of fabric, beads, color, and the human form.
She literally surrounds herself with her creations and has a wonderful supportive husband. She is such a wonderful happy lady which was so gracious in sharing her creations with us. We enjoyed our time as she described some of her dolls and the stories behind them. It was an afternoon bliss for me!
Meet Lyn and her dolls.

Janice and Lynn

Pages from her art journal!

Thank you Janice for sharing your wonderful friend.
Thank you Lyn for opening your home and sharing your art and
dolls with me.