Thursday, March 10, 2016

Breakfast in the Bush

The next people I want you to meet are Bob and Janet. Wonderful giving people who one day invited us to have breakfast in the bush which sounded adventurous and exciting. They took us up the mountains to a beautiful conservation park where we set up table and Bob cooked our breakfast of lamb chops, bacon, sausages, and eggs on the grill. We girls went down to put our feet in the river, that runs down where we had set up, with Bailey joining us. We had such a wonder meal, great conversation, and awesome lizard company.
Bob and Janet were great hosts. We talked, we shared pictures, we laughed, and enjoyed each other.
A day I hold dear in my heart and will never forget.

Bailey their dog.

This beautiful plant is called Bucks Rack.

The weather, the sounds of the flowing river, and the wonderful
conversation is what I brought back with me.
Thank you Bob and Janet!

Stay tuned for more of my adventure in Australia!