Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine's Day!
A day of love and gratitude for the loved ones in our lives, family, friends, and people that have touched my heart even for a few minutes as we crossed paths.
I recently returned from three weeks in beautiful Australia and as I remember my trip my heart swells at the memories that Australian people left on my heart. I met incredible people who welcomed me with open arms with offerings of taking me out to enjoy their beautiful country. Even though we were practically strangers I accepted these wonderful offers of kindness. I stayed with two wonderful friends' who opened their home for me and my friend Geri to spend our days, spent time in a remarkable doll artist's home, had breakfast in the bush, as they called it, went op/thrift store shopping, and met many wonderful hearts at the Carrara Markets.
Join me as I introduce you to these beautiful people and share with you my adventure in Australia.

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day, my friends, and remember the hearts that have touched yours in the past, today and everyday.

MooaMooa Cherie!