Thursday, March 17, 2016

Carrara Markets

There was one wonderful stop we made for shopping and that was the incredible Carrara Markets. We were told that it would be an all day affair but of course we had no idea of the fun time we were about to have. This Market is best described as a huge flee market with different stalls with awesome wares and prices, from clothing, shoes, linens, imports, sewing notions, herbs and spices, to everything imaginable. We had the wonderful opportunity of going twice and mingle with the people and eating beautiful food.
We met Ellen in her lovely stall filled with beautiful lace, ribbons, threads, and all things sewing. Of course I spent time there picking out lovely laces and such. Luckily we took a cart with wheels to carry our treasures. There I met Cristine, lovely lady that stopped us to ask where we were from. We had wonderful conversatation and got to know her very well. We parted and hoped to meet up with her again some time.

We also met Ediana which was so excited that I was from Texas and asked about Dr. Phil! I had a good laugh about that one. She was an awesome lady and seemed like we had known each other for a long time. She was fun, easy to talk to, and shared ideas and questions about Texas. Everyone we met stated how they longed to visit the US sometime in their lifetime. I would tell them to "never say never" because I would have 
never thought I'ld be visiting their great country in my lifetime and had the blessing of being there.
The beautiful Gold Coast was an awesome and beautiful place to visit but the people whom I encountered were wonderful and beautiful. They all left an imprint on my heart forever. 



Geri taking a Pepsi break in the heat.

Harvey, the most beautiful soul I met on my trip, had volunteered
to pick us up and take us home.
Hmmm a beautiful adventure goes in the history books. Thank you
to the wonderful people that made my trip a beautiful success.
Till next time!