Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Halloween Queen

This week we meet the Mistress of Halloween, the Queen herself.
She always dresses in her Black and Orange extravagant outfits because she is Halloween all year.  She sits in her black chair and is entertained by all who live there. After she's entertained, she gives a candy apple of her choosing to whoever amuses her the most.
Her castle is always decorated with streamers, orange lights, and candles seem to float above our heads all the time. I know because I've been there for her special parties where outsiders get invited to partake of her Halloween festivities. She calls it her Hallowbaloo Gathering. The Sweet Potion Society ladies are always in attendance, they have such a distinctive laugh!
We will meet them later.

I have asked the Queen for special invitations to this years Hallowbaloo Festivities. She is overwhelmed with joy so You're invited!    She will be delighted to meet you all!
Plan on attending, you won't regret you did!    See you there!
You may click on pictures to enlarge.

Piece measures 20" from the top of her crown to bottom of chair,
she alone measures 24" from the top of her crown to her feet.
Her confidant black kitty is hand sewn and sits inside her
pumpkin pail.