Thursday, August 25, 2016

"The Sweet Potion Society"

As we left last time I mentioned the distinct laughter of The Sweet Potion Society ladies and have been informed that they have RSVP'd and will be in attendance. You must come and meet them!

They are a wonderfully funny group of ladies who entertain  us just by their laughter. They cackle and snort with their contagious laughter. Don't know how many will be in attendance but they are a fun group. I heard from the bats, who always eavesdrop on conversations, that the Queen of Halloween informed them that you were all invited and they promised they would be at their best behavior. They stated they would not bring their toads, eyes of neut or even eye of dragon, and no wands either, but they will bring their black kitties for added fun.

Come join me at Hallowbaloo and meet the Sweet Potion Society ladies. Let's have fun and enjoy all that Hallowbaloo has in store for us.  I'm sure we will have a blast!

Come find me!

Laughing witches measure 23" from the top of
their hats to they're feet.
"Saphira," the oldest member of the group, measures
20" tall.
The kitties measure 7" and are hand stitched.

Next time I hope to introduce you to another special
group of ladies who are flying in for Hallowbaloo 2016!
Stay Tuned!