Sunday, September 11, 2016


Meet "Truth" she will be at the Hallowbaloo event. She will fly in from very far and wouldn't miss this years Hallowbaloo event for nothing. She had been disappointed due to the distance but she got her courage back and decided she would be in attendance to accompany "Knowledge" and "Wisdom." They will gather to catch up on happenings from long ago.

The all night crowd known as Catrina's will also be in attendance. They are a fun group of all night party chicas that like to dance the whole night long. I know the music will be thumping and these chicas are not about to sit down!

Come join me along with our fun group at this years Hallowbaloo in Bothell, WA. You will not be disappointed!  Come and be our honored guests.

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"Truth" measures 13" from head to toe.
A One of Kind piece.

These are some of the all night party Catrinas,
Carmen, Sofia, and Sugar will come. Will you?