Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flying in.

Last time I posted I mentioned I would introduce you to another set of ladies who are flying in just to attend Hallowbaloo at Hollyhills in Bothell, WA.   When you ask? Well it's coming up pretty fast, September 17th!  Mark that calendar because if you have been following this blog I've kept you up to date on the latest happenings about this spectacular event!
Anyway getting back to these ladies, they are flying in from afar and it's their first time to show up at this event! Ooooh I get goose bumps just thinking about them. I'm sure they will have lots to talk about since they come from different places. I'm sure the Sweet Potion Society ladies will keep a close watch on their kitties! They're wearing their best gowns for this event. After all they will be meeting the Halloween Queen and all who will be attending for the first time.
I really hope you will come and see these ladies up close. I've heard spectacular, beautiful, interesting and so forth when people meet them.

Come have a fantastic time with me and all the other artist who will be showing and selling this year at Hallowbaloo!  Don't miss it! Pictures don't do the art justice.

See you there!

Meet "Knowledge" and "Wisdom."
Each piece is OOAK and measure 15".
 Come see them up close!