Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hi All!
I have been away from my blog for soooo long and I was missing it. It seems that more people are interested in face book and other media that have forgotten about blogs. I myself have missed blogging, and sharing adventures with pictures for sometime, but just couldn't get myself to starting. Well I am back!
As it so happens today is Frida Day, her birthday. I think it's the 106th so we might as well stop counting, right? I had been thinking and looking through my photos and noticed I have made quite a few Frida interpretations in my time.  All of them have gone to new homes except my last one from 2016 and the future one I am working on.
Frida has been an inspiration not only to me but to most artists all over the world. I have come across people form different places outside of the US and when they see one on my table at shows they automatically know who she is. It's amazing!
Till next time!

Had fun sketching and painting.