Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hi All!
I returned from a wonderful week in Phoenix refreshed and ready for new creative endeavors.
This years Art Unraveled Extravaganza was just that an extravaganza! The show floor was filled with new items for multi-media artists plus a few goodies already made for us collectors. I tried to take as many pictures as I could to show you the wonderful show but crowds just wouldn't allow it. Take my word for it it was wonderful. Classes seemed to be full and students strutted in their aprons shopping every chance they got. If you missed the 15th annual event add it to your check list as a must for the coming year.
Thank you Chuck and Linda for the 15 years of putting on a great event and show. Thank you to their staff and hotel staff for all your help as well.
Below are some of the pictures of artists and people selling their wares. Not all though as it was difficult. If you see something you like and need to have please contact the person directly.

Shirley Varkoly-Seay

Kitty Hester  Fiber Art, Jewelry

Deryn Mentock

Diane Cook   Artist, Teacher

Debi Adams  the colectic artist

Lora Lee Rose   Feather Fantasies

Stephanie Romero Art
Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe/El Paso

Tricia Samsal

Olivia Thomas

Adriana Esqueda    Fiber Artist

And so much more I didn't get to take a picture of!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Till next time!